Galpi, Galicia de Pinturas

More than 50 years providing professional paint, varnish and enamel solutions.

Our origins date back to the 1970s, in an exponentially growing Galicia. Growing industries demanded technologically advanced paint, varnish and enamel products. It was two visionary partners who understood how the market worked, and it resulted in the birth of Galpi, Galicia de Pinturas.

Today, we still have the same headquarters and original facilities, with the ability to produce and provide thousands of litres of paint a year in record time. Our commercial network, solidly consolidated in the Spanish and Portuguese market, stands as a guarantee of the attention, love and care that goes into all standardised and tailor-made solutions offered to our customers.

Our values

We are a brand with strong roots in our land. We know our customers, almost always by name. We understand their needs, the way they prefer to work… And that’s where our products are born. New materials, finishes or work models. Our ability to anticipate and adapt offers a differential value. We don’t sell paint. We sell solutions.

Always maintaining quality standards, thanks to our research and development work.

A guaranteed distribution service that allows us to provide hundreds of kilos of material to our customers, in record time, thanks to our facilities and distribution centres.

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