A two-component primer of catalysed epoxy resins. It’s recommended as a first coat due to its great adhesion on any type of substrates. It provides great hardness to the treated surface, excellent mechanical resistance, and good adhesion to both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces.

Indoor and outdoor. Iron and steel metallic or galvanised structures/facilities

Drying time
10 minutes

10 m2/l

  • 1L
  • 20L
  • 5L

As a first coating to temporarily prevent the oxidation of iron and steel metal structures in all kinds of industries. As a first hand on all types of aluminium or galvanised surfaces to favour the anchoring of subsequent finishing layers.

For best results, it is essential to clean the surface on which it will be applied completely, eliminating traces of previous paints, greases, rust traces, etc.

To apply, empty the content of component “B” onto component “A”, shake for 5 minutes, dilute with the appropriate diluent, and apply.


  • Avoid inhalation, ingestion and contact with skin and eyes.
  • If applied using a gun, do so in ventilated rooms and use adequate respiratory protection for organic vapours.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Flammable. Avoid heat sources.
  • For more information, see the safety information sheet.

Technical and safety data sheets


Technical Datasheet

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